Let's co-create your online course or membership site

Let's co-create your online course

About us

Partnering with someone to grow your business is always an important decision. Who will understand both you and your business AND have the skills to create your online course? 

There are many great designers and assistants out there, which makes choosing the right person even more challenging.  

What sets us apart is our speciality in developing online courses and membership sites. We have experience across multiple platforms so don’t have an allegiance to doing it a particular way. Instead, we will take the time to understand your needs and help you create an online platform that will serve you for years to come.  

Why us?

What makes us different is our background in learning & development, which began with researching eLearning solutions for Littlewoods in 2002. We not only understand what works from a design and aesthetics point of view, but also how to create engaging content that appeals to every learning style.

We help our clients to clarify and develop their best content, pull it together into a meaningful structure and identify the right tech to successfully reach the right audience.


From the Creator

image of Tiffany Kay, Founder of online course consultancy

I created Online Course Consultancy as a response to the rising demand of businesses needing design and technical support to develop their online presence for education and training.

Before retraining in digital design, I spent over 15 years as a business and personal development coach, so I know what it takes to create successful trainings. I’ve experienced all of the challenges of sharing content in an aligned, coherent and effective way.

I bring that experience to Online Course Consultancy, utilising both big picture thinking and logical strategies to help you pinpoint opportunities and develop your best content. And I’ll be honest with you about the results. If there’s a smarter or more efficient way to get the job done, I’ll ensure you know about it because I get that the bottom line is imperative to the survival of your business.

My mission is to help you to reach your goals with less effort, less struggle, more fun and enjoyment… and with your sanity intact!

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